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Angelina Godfrey   5 star review
June - 2018

By far one of the most professional, compassionate companies I use personally and refer to all my clients. The service received by Tammy Kulakowski and the team at Master Restoration is impeccable. There are not enough stars here!

Barbara Nightingale   5 star review
June - 2018

I had a leak in my house and Master Restoration came out to help within a few hours of getting the phone call. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their service. Will Royals was wonderful and immediately pulled back the wet carpeting and padding and installed two large fans and a dehumidifier to dry out things. He then checked for moisture in the wall to locate the leak and with my permission cut some of the drywall away where it was damp. He was very patient and answered all my questions. For three days Will and others returned to my home to check the drying progress, assess the damage, and, yes, to calm my concerns. How good is that! I highly recommend Master Restoration and Damage Repair!

Melissa Allen   5 star review
June - 2018

What a great company to work with!! They take a negative restoration experience & make it headache free! You can trust the Master with your disaster - and know it will be done right! Everyone I have met on their staff is so positive & a joy to work with. I highly recommend this company when you are in need!

William Sayers   5 star review
June - 2018

Julian Anderson one of their lead Technicians is a awesome worker. I have a busted water pipe that trashed 2 bedrooms. He removed all the wet materials by himself. He was courteous and very knowledgeable. One hell of a worker. I had to pry out of him how to give him an ataboy.

Connie Bosko   5 star review
June - 2018

Master restoration did a great job of emergency management cleanup at our condo!! Thanks guys!

Renata Flament   5 star review
May - 2018

Very happy with my experience! I had a leak in my masters bathroom and after I called the master Restoration the technician Kyle responded very quickly and in no time. Kyle and David acted very professional, were very polite and knowledgeable. They explained things thoroughly to me and started dry-out immediately. I was very impressed with a response time. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a responsible company that truly cares!

Greg G   5 star review
May - 2018

I have a Florida condo - yet I live 10 months of the year in the Mid-West. During my absence, the upstairs condo leaked water into my unit. Once I discovered it i was in a panic. My insurance company directed me towards a mold inspection company; the mold inspection company gave me three strong referrals. Master Restoration was one of those referrals. Master Restoration came out the next day and gave me a quote and helped get the remediation and repair project going! Both John Goodman and Brian Herron have been wonderful to work with.

Caroline Sakla   5 star review
May - 2018

When you walk up to your commercial space that had a brand new AC installed and see ductwork falling through the brand new ceiling... you freak out! But Master Restoration came through within the hour!! William Royal drained the duct from about 70 gallons of water and insured us hay it would be safe till the AC company came to fix their work. Seriously grateful for such a company!

Riverview Essentials   5 star review
May - 2018

Will and Mike Jones came out to essentials massages & facials for water damage. They were very helpful, respectful, professional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone

Donna Mancinelli   5 star review
May - 2018

It is well after midnight and Will and Dillon have come to tarp my roof! There have been bad thunderstorms in Lake Placid and water has been coming in since hurricane Irma. These gentlemen are professionals and showed immediate concern for my situation. Now my hurricane relief begins!
Thank you again,
Rev. Donna Mancinelli

Jill Melkonian   5 star review
May - 2018

Everyone at Master Restoration was wonderful from the person that answered the phone to the office manager to the 4 teams that came to our home to the project manager to the owner. When you have an emergency, you are already upset and anxious. These people were calm and stated the challenges succinctly plus what they would do to fix everything. They saved my wood floor and left our home even better than it was. It is quite unusual for a company these days to exhibit attention to detail, professionalism, timeliness, and work ethic mixed with kindness and understanding of a client. They actually listened to my thoughts and concerns and answered all questions that I threw at them. Have already recommended them to others and will continue to speak highly of Master Restoration.
Jill Melkonian

Adam Pease   5 star review
Apr - 2018

Our entire neighborhood flooded last year. I contacted three companies to mitigate the water damage, only Master Restoration was willing to come out the next day. The other two estimated a week! Time is of the essence in these cases to prevent mold. Dusty and his crew were fast and professional. They even sent a crew out the next week to board up the house for incoming Hurricane Irma. When the bill came due and my mortgage company was taking their sweet time paying us, they were very patient and understanding and Jasmine was very reassuring at a time when I needed it. Thank you Master Restoration, I pray I never need your service again but am glad to know I can rely on you if I do

Lisa Rivera   5 star review
Mar - 2018

Master Restoration has earned my complete trust! In January 2018, my house flooded thanks to my water heater. In the midst of my crisis, my insurance company literally abandoned me by pulling the company they initially sent out, leaving me sitting in water. Master Restoration came into my home and were literally the only calm in my storm. They removed the rest of the water and dried out my home (which took over a week) and were nothing by kind, considerate, and reassuring. They were patient with my endless questions and answered everyone. Julian, Kyle and David were absolute saviors - Julian, especially, since he was the first one on site that had to deal with my panic...and continued to always be kind, calm and extremely responsive as the days progressed.

Latasha Harrell   5 star review
Jan - 2018

Master restoration has great customer services. I gave them a call about my situation. They respone was rapidly on doing an inspection with providing me a details on repairing my problem. They quickly set up equipment and went through the process of maintaining thr equipment. The workers are friendly and have patience while customers like me was overwhelmed of the situation and stressing. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs honest, quality work on their home disasters.

Paul Cooper   5 star review

Unfortunately I arrived back home in Venice to find the bathroom ceiling slammed on the floor, complete with insulation and water! Within 2 hours Jon and David were here and within 3 hours the mess was cleaned up, loaded in their truck, and the beginning mold removed and sprayed to kill and seal the wood. They set up an industrial dehumidifier and sealed off the bathroom. The next morning, with instructions from the insurance company, the team of Kyle and Quinn arrived to demo out all cabinetry and wet Sheetrock. Both teams worked efficiently and thoroughly to get the job done. What started as a depressing mess ended in less than 24 hours with completion of the demolition. My father used to say: "Do it once and do it right." These four young men from Master Restoration show the work ethic we all want to see. Here is the group to hire if you ever have the need!

Scott Huang   5 star review

We consulted with two companies to handle water damage and mold in our bathroom. Here's why we chose Master Restoration... Kyle was their first tech on the scene. Even though it was after regular working hours, he patiently answered questions, explained the moving forward plan and offered services without over-hyping the situation; he instilled calm rather than panic, making the decision to hire Master Restoration an easy one. When the work started, John was very flexible working around our schedule, and the team of Dustin, Quinn and Albeato worked hard and efficiently to tear down the damaged walls and shower, treat the mold, remove the debris (including a super-heavy cast iron tub) and clean up the bathroom. Everyone on site was extremely courteous. My insurance adjuster has also been very pleased working with Master Restoration, so the process has been a very smooth one for us (an incredibly pleasant surprise). I highly recommend Master Restoration!

Brenda Ayala   5 star review

Master Restoration takes on a project and does it one time and one way-right. From the very first contact you know you are dealing with a company that has their system down to a science. I worked with Michele Richard and she could not have been a better representative for this company. She answered all of my questions in detail until she was satisfied I understood the process, but even better, she delivered on the expectation set for this company. She is a consummate profession. I would recommend Master Restoration and Michele Richard without hesitation. I had an awesome experience.

Hollie Davis   5 star review

Master Restoration provided same day service for my water damage issue. Dustin and Alberto were courteous, and very thorough. They found water in my attic, ceiling, walls, and baseboards that my initial insurance field adjuster missed one week prior. Water had been seeping down for a week, causing new damage to the ceiling of my child's room that I hadn't even noticed. They walked me through all the tests they conducted, and the mitigation plan,which did wonders for my anxiety over the whole ordeal. Both gentlemen were an absolute pleasure to have in my home, despite the circumstances. I have received followup calls and visits throughout this process. I would highly recommend that anyone with a water damage use Master Restoration for their water mitigation needs. (but don't wait 1 week... go ahead and call them on day 1 to reduce the loss!)

Dave Coleman

Master Restoration is by far the most knowledgeable, efficient, cost effective water extraction and restoration company that I've had the pleasure to work with. Not only are they always true to their word they go out of their way for their clients. Master Restoration is usually the first company on scene and takes the brunt of everyone's frustrations; however, they are always courteous and professional and put the customer at easy. Thanks for your great work.

Chris Coleman

I own an insurance company and we write a lot of home insurance for my clients. Whenever any of my insureds have any kind of water, mold, or fire damage, I always give out Master Restoration's phone number. They are always the first on the scene, before the other franchise restoration companies. They do a great job and everyone that I have sent them states that Master Restoration has done a great job. Chris Coleman with Coleman Insurance Agency.

Stephanie Walker

I am an Agent at the Chris Coleman Agency and from the first time Master Restoration came in and talked to us, I was so impressed! They are some of the most honest & caring people you would ever want to deal with. There is never a question as to who I refer our insured's to when they call. Honesty and Integrity are hard to come by these days and I have never had a complaint about their service or professionalism.

Ann A

I work at a local Insurance agency in the Seminole area. Bryan Bejar, and Masters Restoration has always provided excellent service! Their handling of claims always surpasses the expectations of my client! They work for the client in dealing with the insurance company, and all parties involved in any claim they handle. I refer all my clients to them with the confidence that the experience is always professional, and will make even the worst of claims a better experience! I never hesitate in referring them to any of my clients, or family! Great company to work with who goes above and beyond!

Michael Ludwig

I own an independent insurance agency where we offer homeowners products to our clients. When our clients have any problems with fire, water, hurricanes or mold damage we refer them to Master Restoration. Bryan and his team are responsive, knowledgable and work very effeciently. When there is a disaster, i will continue to refer to the master! Mike Ludwig- Owner of Strategic Insurance Services.

Elizabeth Aker

My insurance agency HIGHLY recommends Master Restoration to all of our clients who have any type of damage to their homes. We ALWAYS hear absolutely glowing reviews back from our clients about their professionalism, their courteousness, and their speed of taking care of the entire problem. Jarett, Bryan, and all of Master Restoration receive our agency's HIGHEST COMPLIMENTS on how they treat ALL of their clients! We received a call today from a homeowner who was having sewer backup problems in their home - and Master Restoration was out there in a flash to help assist our homeowner! SO PROUD to refer business to such a fantastic company!

LeeAnn Dugan

As an insurance agent you can imagine the anxiety I felt when a client of mine called in on Friday July 5th with evidence of Water Damage. The insurance company was closed! We couldn't file the loss officially and talk to a claim rep until Monday. Luckily, I had Master Restoration's card on my desk, and it said "24 hr" and had the representative's cell #. I didn't think I could be any happier than when he answered and assured me of the process for my client to get the ball rolling. 3 weeks later I had a call from my client, she is now a RAVING FAN of Master Restoration! She says that they are Awesome, Efficient, Knowledgeable, and very Helpful throughout the whole claims handling process. We are very happy to have Master Restorations on hand and available for our clients.

Robert e

Great Service, Prompt Help, as painless as this sort of business could be, everyone i dealt with is of a high caliber.

"Jarrett is an expert I can trust. I recently had some water damage at my home. I had no idea what it would take to fix it, but after a short investigation, Jarrett identified the problem and suggested the simple fix. His expertise and integrity are truly exceptional. I would recommend Jarrett Dixon to anyone."
˜Steven Balusik


"My kitchen flooded and I was feeling a lot of stress. The plumber had been in and out very quickly with out saying much. When Master Restoration came in, they seemed to realize how I was feeling and knew all the right things to say and do in a situation like this. The technician was kind and caring. You could tell he took his work seriously. He took the time to explain everything that needed to be done. In that type of situation, it is a little thing like this that means a lot. I felt like I was in good hands and was confident in what he was doing. He knew all the right people to call. He even made the calls for me and had all the needed people there the next day. They were all such good people. I was very, very comfortable with them in my home and extremely satisfied with their work. Over the years I have experienced hurricanes and other disasters requiring work to be done in my home, Master Restoration was the best I have ever seen at this."
~ Suzzane Berkley - Palm Harbor, FL


"I came home and found water in my home. My daughter got on the computer and checked Craig’s List. She found MASTER RESTORATION listed there. She called them and they came out right away. It is hard to find people who respond so quickly. I was impressed. They were very good. They took pictures needed for the insurance company. They were courteous and I had lots of confidence in them. I was extremely satisfied with their work. I would recommend Master Restoration to anyone."
~ Jean Sullivan - Tampa, FL


"I was very pleased with Master Restoration services. While I was a way from my house, my toilet backed up and raw sewage poured into my family room. I called a plumber right away and he stopped the flow of sewage but I did not know what to do about the mess. The plumber told me that there were companies specializing in disaster services like this. My wife was in a nursing home and it was a very trying time for me. So, the plumber contacted Master Restoration for me. Jarrett came right out to my house. He was very knowledgeable and extremely patient with me. He answered all my questions and worked through all my concerns. Even after the problem was fixed, he went above and beyond by coming back out and addressing problems I had with my homeowners coverage. I would definitely recommend Master Restoration to anyone experiencing a disaster like this. I have kept their card in case I ever have any kind of problem like this again."
~ Dominc Sciarretha - Dunedin, FL


"I was extremely satisfied with Master Restoration. They did a great job. The owner of the company came out promptly. He went over everything that needed to be done and the sequence in which it would be done in. He addressed all my concerns and was very patient with me. His experience and knowledge made me feel comfortable. I was so pleased with their work that I recommended them to Angie’s List."
~ Carol Griffin - Clearwater, FL


"I was pleased with Master Restoration’s services. They were very informative. They were prompt. They were very neat and cleaned up after themselves. I would recommend them to anyone."
~ Jodi Cannon - Dunedin Beach, FL


"They did a wonderful job! Both of the representatives, Jarrett and Mike were very helpful. They clearly communicated all the important information to me. They impressed me with their consideration. They always came at the exact time they promised. When they said they would be there at 9AM, they arrived early and sat in their van until 9 AM before coming to the door. I appreciated this. I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends or relatives. I thought they were wonderful."
~ Kristi Mindrup - Tampa, FL


"I had a terrible leak. Master Restoration was very good. They said what they were going to do, then they did it. They were very pleasant and I felt comfortable with them in my home. They answered every question and kept me informed. I had confidence in them. They were very polite and loyal to me. I was very please with them."
~ Patricia Sjeime - Clearwater, FL


"When I had water damage in my home, I called my plumber. The plumber stopped the leak and was very helpful. But, I did not know who to call for all the water damage. I am 82 years old and if you don’t know whom to call about a problem, it can be disturbing. It was very comforting, when Dwayne (my plumber) said that if I did not have someone else to call, he would very highly recommend Master Restoration. I really appreciated getting a recommendation from the plumber. I had a water damage in the past but was not happy with the service I got then. The services Master Restoration provided were terrific. It was like comparing apples to oranges to the service I had before. Master Restoration did so much more and just couldn’t do enough for me. They went above and beyond. I cannot say enough about how good they were. Nor can I think of one thing they could have done to make their service any better. I highly recommend them."
~ Delores Gattis - Clearwater, FL

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